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Et Capital Established, Specialized In Turnkey Solar Financing Solutions - Yahoo Finance

SPI Solar Announces Conversion of Convertible Bond - Yahoo Finance

5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --ET Solar Energy Corp. ("ET Solar"), a leading smart energy solutions provider, today announces the establishment of its U.S.-based subsidiary ET Capital Inc. ("ET Capital"), a company engaged in providing turnkey solar energy financing solutions worldwide. ET Capital delivers a broad range of financing solutions for corporations, institutions, utilities, municipalities & non-profits. In partnership with senior financial organizations, ET Capital, is led by a core team of known and well respected thought leaders with many years of experience in the renewable & financial sectors. ET Capital is well equipped to expand its extensive expertise in financing and building solar infrastructure with reliable and bankable solutions. Moreover, in filling the industry's funding gap, ET Capital invests in stable and diversified projects. "The ability to provide an end-to-end financing platform solidifies ET Capital as a viable strategic partner for developers, investors and power purchasers that allows for an increase in solar transactions with lower closing costs. This financing platform will set the stage for multilateral partnerships and allow for high-efficiency business growth." Mr. Dennis She, President and CEO of ET Solar said, "The core focus of the platform will be for those types of portfolios above 5 MW in size with power purchase agreements.
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Création d'ET Capital, spécialisée dans les solutions de financement clé en main d'installations solaires -- MUNICH, 6 août 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

PR Newswire Please enter a valid phone number. Please enter your Phone Number. Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done SPI Solar Announces Conversion of Convertible Bond Solar Power, Inc. 1 hour ago 0 shares Done ROSEVILLE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- SPI Solar (SPI) ( SOPW:OTCBB ), a vertically-integrated photovoltaic solar developer, today announced the conversion of the convertible bond portion held by Robust Elite Limited of the companys previously announced private placement of common stock and convertible bond for an aggregate $21.75 million, as announced on May 6, 2014 and completed on July 15, 2014. About Solar Power, Inc. (SOPW:OTCBB): SPI Solar (SPI) (Solar Power, Inc.) is a vertically-integrated photovoltaic solar developer offering its own brand of high-quality, low-cost distributed generation and utility-scale solar energy facility development services. From project development, to project financing and to post-construction asset management, SPI delivers turnkey world-class photovoltaic solar energy facilities to its business, government and utility customers. For additional information visit: www.spisolar.com .
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SPI Solar Announces Joint Venture Agreement with WIRCON GmbH to Develop Solar PV Projects in the UK - Yahoo Finance

The data shows a loss of almost 1 percent of efficiency per week. Like this article? Subscribe to Recharge, the Monitor's weekend digest of global energy news. Click here for a sample. Email Address So far the only remedy is hosing them down, an expensive task thats also labor- and water-intensive. The MIT and KFUPM researchers say their technology could lead to systems that make the cleaning process less expensive, automatic and water-free. The new method is especially important in Saudi Arabia, according to Numan Abu-Dheir of KFUPM and co-author of the report. In the desert environment, dust is present on a daily basis, he said. [Saudis] need a way to reduce the dust accumulation. Although the MIT-KFUPM team used a magnetic fluid to develop the new technology, their report says other forces, ranging from electric fields to differences in temperature, can be exerted to manipulate the material and keep the surfaces clear of dust and liquid. Source: http://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/New-Method-Keeps-Solar-Cells-Clean-And-Efficient.html The Christian Science Monitor has assembled a diverse group of the best energy bloggers out there. Our guest bloggers are not employed or directed by the Monitor and the views expressed are the bloggers' own, as is responsibility for the content of their blogs.
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How magnetism might keep solar panels clean (and efficient) - CSMonitor.com

( ET Solar ), fournisseur leader de solutions energetiques intelligentes, a annonce aujourd'hui la creation de sa filiale ET Capital Inc. ( ET Capital ), une entreprise basee aux Etats-Unis qui proposera au niveau mondial des solutions de financement cle en main pour l'energie solaire. ET Capital propose une large gamme de solutions de financement pour les entreprises, les institutions, les services publics, les municipalites et le secteur associatif. Fonctionnant en partenariat avec des organismes financiers de premier plan, ET Capital sera dirigee par une equipe centrale constituee de leaders d'opinion connus, respectes et possedant de nombreuses annees d'experience dans le secteur des energies renouvelables et le secteur financier Avec ses solutions fiables a fort potentiel, ET Capital est aujourd'hui en mesure d'accroitre sa grande expertise dans le financement et la construction d'infrastructures solaires ET Capital comble egalement le manque de financements du secteur en investissant dans des projets equilibres et diversifies. La possibilite de fournir une plate-forme de financement de bout en bout renforce la position d'ET Capital en tant que partenaire fiable et privilegie pour les promoteurs, les investisseurs et les acheteurs d'electricite, car elle permet d'accroitre le nombre d'operations solaires et de reduire les couts des transactions. Cette plate-forme de financement ouvrira la voie a des partenariats multilateraux et favorisera l'efficacite et la croissance de l'entreprise . M. Dennis She, president-directeur-general d'ET Solar, a declare : L'essentiel de l'activite de la plate-forme reposera sur les portefeuilles de plus de 5 MW avec contrats d'achat d'electricite. Nous sommes tres heureux d'apporter nos services et solutions haut de gamme au marche du solaire et de contribuer a l'evolution du secteur tout en creant un avenir durable . A propos d'ET Solar ET Solar est un prestataire de solutions energetiques intelligentes de premier plan. Avec des technologies solaires novatrices et des solutions de financement sur mesure, ET Solar propose des solutions professionnelles tout-en-un a chaque etape du cycle de vie de la centrale solaire, du developpement au financement en passant par l'ingenierie, l'approvisionnement, la construction, l'exploitation et la maintenance.
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WIRCONs deep experience in solar energy project development is based on the over 8,000 projects of WIRSOL, an established business and brand name that we took over earlier this year. Our strong commitment to solar project development in Europe will be greatly enhanced by SPIs experience and resources as a publicly-listed company with a strong, global presence in the US and Asia. We look forward to further developing this collaborative relationship in the UK and potentially beyond. Both WIRCON and SPI share common strategic, operational and financial objectives in the UK solar market, said Dietmar Hopp, a shareholder of WIRCON. This joint venture agreement will allow us together to move faster in advancing our UK project development business. Mark Hogan, President of Wirsol Energy Ltd., a subsidiary of WIRCON, added, We are excited to commence this joint effort with the strong support of SPI on the procurement and development of solar project assets in the UK. We plan to capitalize on selected opportunities with attractive return potential in the UK market, particularly given the DECCs proposal to close the RO (Renewables Obligation) scheme to new solar PV capacity above 5 MW from 1st April 2015. We will also invest in sourcing and building a substantial and sustainable pipeline looking into 2015 and beyond. About Solar Power, Inc. (SOPW:OTCBB): SPI Solar (SPI) (Solar Power, Inc.) is a vertically-integrated photovoltaic solar developer offering its own brand of high-quality, low-cost distributed generation and utility-scale solar energy facility development services. From project development, to project financing and to post-construction asset management, SPI delivers turnkey world-class photovoltaic solar energy facilities and turnkey residential solar solutions to its business, government and utility customers. For additional information visit: www.spisolar.com . About WIRCON GmbH: WIRCON GmbH and its subsidiaries develop, build and service renewable energy projects in selected international markets under the WIRCON and WIRSOL brand names.
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Solar groups ask Scott and PSC for more time on climate rules | Tampa Bay Times

Rick Scott and the Public Service Commission to extend the public comment period on how the state will comply with the federal rules on limiting carbon pollution from power plants. The PSC announced on July 10 that the public would have until Aug. 8 to comment on the new carbon rules but limited the distribution of the notice so few were aware of it. In a letter to Scott and the panel that regulates utilities, the businesses said that is not enough time for them to make the case that the state should be allowing for more alternative energy to reach its carbon reduction goals. "As Florida businesses, it matters how the state constructs its implementation plan including what type of process the state uses to make these important decisions,'' the group wrote in a letter to Scott and the PSC on Tuesday "We want the opportunity and time necessary to fully address our concerns.'' Download Final PSC ltr Florida has until June 30, 2016, to submit to EPA for approvalits plan to implement the Clean Power Plan, the federal requirement aimed at reducing carbon pollution from power plants, which have been shown to be a contributor to climate change. In June, the Obama Administration released aplanfor theEPAto limit the carbon pollution frompowerplants. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 21 percent of the electricity in Florida comes from coal-fired power plants, which are responsible for some of the most concentrated carbon dioxide emissions. The EIA also found that Floridas power plants emit more pollution than those of any other U.S. state except Texas and Pennsylvania and Florida households consume 40 percent more electricity than the U.S. average and spend $1,900 more. Because renewable energy accounts for only 2.2 percent of all energy generation in the state, the solar producers believe the state has greatpotential to reduce carbon emissions and create jobs by relying more on solar energy.
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