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Major Breakthrough In Solar Energy: 'supercritical' Steam Generated - National News | Examiner.com

Saving money efficiently with solar energy - Yahoo News Philippines

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) believes this could be the first step toward large-scale power stations fueled by solar energy instead of gas or coal. "It's like breaking the sound barrier; this step change proves solar has the potential to compete with the peak performance capabilities of fossil fuel sources," said Dr. Alex Wonhas, CSIRO's Energy Director, according to Gizmag . "Instead of relying on burning fossil fuels to produce supercritical steam, this breakthrough demonstrates that the power plants of the future could instead be using the free, zero emission energy of the sun to achieve the same result." The researchers used more than 600 directional mirrors known as heliostats to convert pressurized water in a receiver into supercritical steam, which then powers turbines and creates electricity. This process has worked for solar thermal power plants that run on subcritical steam, but those operations could not match the efficiency or output of the worlds most state-of-the-art fossil fuel power plants, according to CSIRO . Using this latest advancement, those plants could be converted to supercritical levels, which would vastly increase their efficiency and could help significantly lower the cost of generating solar electricity while negating the need to use fossil fuels to achieve the same result, Gizmag says. Despite this heart-racing development, CSIRO says that commercial development for the technology, may be a fair way off. "It's important to remember that what we've done is really the first step along a fairly long path still in demonstrating that we can actually do these things with solar technologies, says project leader Robbie McNaughton. Nevertheless, the announcement signals that, when it comes to large-scale power stations, solar energy may soon be ready to move up to the big kids table.
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U.S. Solar Energy Stocks Shines After Sanctions on China | Video - ABC News

There in the with the government and they're spying on Chinese. Citizens Chinese companies and so we have -- You not buy their products but by Chinese made technology. Products and there also say hey you guys think you guys are -- -- hypocrite you can tell us what to do. Look at the kind of set the NSA is doing and so. -- a trade wars a very strong term especially in Wall Street but I do fear that the the rhetoric is certain to heat up -- him in a way that could be very bad. Not just for the stock market but for relations between US and China and that could have major global economic ramifications. -- yet but I think that's the word. He -- -- trade in general but -- expect next. Before these clouds clear on the solar dispute.
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Delhi eyes rooftop solar power - The Times of India

D.J. Pandeyan, additional chief secretary (energy). The installed capacity of solar photovoltaic (PV) in Delhi till 2013 was only 2.5 MW compared to over 1000 MW in Gujarat. "A supposed lack of available space for solar PV in a highly urbanized and congested city like Delhi is often considered to be a key barrier," says a report by Greenpeace India on Delhi's solar rooftop potential. The same report estimates that of 700 sq km which is Delhi's total built-up space, 31sqkm is available roof space that can be utilized for the solar roof top project and that has a potential to generate 2,557 MW, much higher than what Gujarat is generating currently. Last week, when the LG had met prime minister Narendra Modi, among other things Yamuna is learnt to have been discussed and it was from there the contours of a Gujarat visit took shape. According to sources, Modi is learnt to have indicated to the LG that he is looking for quick results. The signals to Delhi hinted at breaking away from the past to steer change. Clearly, with the Capital under President's Rule and the BJP exploring its political options with the top leadership indicating at fresh polls, Modi's Gujarat continues to be the BJP's USP as a performance benchmark. If Delhi replicates the Gujarat projects, the BJP is expected to make this the highlight of its poll campaign here.
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Solar power: Gujarat showed way with policy in 2009 - The Times of India

There was no looking back after that. Today, Gujarat produces 891 MW of solar power with power-generation facilities in 15 districts. In the next three years, the state aims to boost its solar power generation capacity by 500 MW. The state has also started the first of its kind canal-based 1-MW solar power project. A portion of the Narmada dam's main canal near Kadi in Mehsana district was covered by solar panels for this ambitious project. This innovative idea has many benefits - prevents evaporation of water, limits damage to canals and cuts down on the requirement of land for laying solar panels. The state government is now upgrading the project's capacity to 10 MW. It has also embarked on a new plan to develop Gandhinagar as a 'Solar City'. Most of the government building's roofs are being used to generate solar power.
La version original del articulo http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/Solar-power-Gujarat-showed-way-with-policy-in-2009/articleshow/36168565.cms

Impeach President Obama talks rises with Fox News judge This trend is most pronounced in Europe, where utilities have lost more value since the recession than the banks have. Renewables now account for more than two-thirds of new capacity added in Europe every year. Not all of the troubles of utilities are due to renewable energy, but solar power is taking away demand when it matters most: during peak hours in the afternoon. No wonder many European utilities were downgraded in the last two years. The US is now seeing the acceleration of this trend, as hundreds of thousands of people put up solar arrays on their rooftops. In the last quarter alone, 1.33 gigawatts of solar panels were put up in the US. It is creating what author Jeremy Rifkin calls the zero marginal cost society or near-zero, to be precise. Once you pay for the capital costs of your solar panels, your operational costs are near zero for a long time. This is not what the utility companies want. Consumers sell excess solar power to the utility companies, but they don't like it. They have made large capital investments, and so expect to charge the consumer continually.
La version original del articulo http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2014-06-05/news/50359202_1_solar-energy-excess-solar-power-solar-panels

Solar energy set to replace power companies - Economic Times

The rate of savings, otherwise known as avoided cost, realized on electricity generated for own use, is equivalent to the DUs retail rate consisting of charges for generation, transmission, system loss, distribution, subsidies, taxes and other charges. This, added to the peso credits earned on any excess electricity, translates to every homeowners dream: a lower monthly bill. For a clearer appreciation of how the system benefits consumers, the reference guide simulated an electricity bill of a net-metering customer with a 2 kW solar-powered facility installed on a rooftop. With that capacity, the customer will be able to produce 230 kWh monthly. Assuming he would use 60 percent (138 kWh) of this production for own use and export the remaining 40 percent (92 kWh), the avoided cost from generating own electricity is estimated at P1,737.93 while the credit earned from excess electricity is P506.43. This translates to a total savings of P2,244.36 per month. Whats more, saving from your electricity bill also translates to saving the planet. If you think going green, reducing carbon emission and being eco-friendly are tasks that are too big for any individual, think again. As a homeowner, you have a hand in the growing energy crisis and global warming and can take steps to make a change. Installing solar panels in your home can be part of your small step. Think of it this waygetting payback from your electricity bill is your short-term investment.
La version original del articulo https://ph.news.yahoo.com/saving-money-efficiently-solar-energy-160926829.html

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