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First Solar Betting Big On Utility Solar Market

Solar energy plans good move for city; Douthat ignores Obama... | www.statesman.com

First Solar's fleet average conversion efficiency was just 13.5% last quarter, compared to 15%-17% for most Chinese manufacturers, or 21.5% for SunPower's X-Series. Higher efficiency allows project builders to generate power from a smaller area, lowering what's called balance-of-system costs. Large utility projects like this one are First Solar's bread and butter. Source: First Solar. That's why it's key for the company to hit its goal of 14.9% conversion efficiency by the end of 2014, and 19.5% by the end of 2017. Without those improvements, even the most efficient power plant design would be too costly versus competitors. Betting on utility scale solar While residential solar is getting most of the attention, utility scale solar is a much bigger business. According to GTM Research's recently released Q1 2014 U.S. Solar Market Insight report, 873 MW of utility scale solar was built last quarter compared to 232 MW of residential solar. Last year, 60% of all solar installed in the U.S. was utility scale.
La version original del articulo http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2014/06/01/first-solar-betting-big-on-utility-solar-market.aspx

Solar Roadways light up the future - chicagotribune.com

Solar roadways interstate at dusk Solar-friendly policies like incentives are particularly important for ensuring middle class families are able to adopt solar power for their homes. And, as a recent analysis by the Center for American Progress found, its middle class families that are driving the rooftop solar revolution in the U.S., with more than 60 percent of solar installations are occurring in zip codes with median incomes ranging from $40,000 to $90,000. This revolution is a threat to utilities current business model, since more customers going solar means theyre buying less electricity from the utility. The result in several states has been a push by utilities to scale back incentives or even charge solar customers an additional fee. In Arizona, for instance, Arizona Public Service (APS) has aggressively sought to undercut residential solar and last fall, the states energy regulator voted to add what amounts to a $5 per month surcharge on solar customers. The decision was widely viewed as a compromise, particularly considering the considerable amount of money spent by APS and outside groups, several of which were funded by petrochemical billionaires Charles and David Koch. The fight in Arizona is clearly far from over, however, as a new interpretation of state law could lead to customers who lease their solar panels being forced to pay property taxes on the systems a move the states solar advocates say is again being driven by APS. In Oklahoma, the possibility of an additional fee being assessed on customers who install their own solar panels or small wind turbines sparked outrage and prompted Gov. Mary Fallin (R) to take the rare step of issuing an executive order emphasizing the importance of renewable energy and equitable implementation of the new legislation. Even San Antonios solar-friendly municipal utility, CPS Energy, shocked solar installers recently by proposing an additional fee on solar customers that would be even larger than Arizonas. Advocates are currently working to reach a compromise with the utility before the proposal moves to the city council for a vote. In this various battles, the utilities often claim that solar customers arent paying their fair share of costs.
La version original del articulo http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2014/05/31/3443520/us-residential-solar-beat-commercial/

Solar Roadways: energy-generating roads that light up at night | Green Prophet

Solar Roadways, roads that generate energy, LED lights, LED roads, energy-generating roads, power roads, alternative energy, clean tech, renewable energy, crowd funding solar roadways, green roads, global warming, carbon emissions These are not just the seeds of science fiction but the foundation of an invention that could alter reality. Solar Roadways is a modular paving system loaded with solar cells and LED lighting that could replace asphalt-based surfaceways and produce an estimated three times as much energy as is used in the United States. Related Obama announces $2B alternative fuel research proposal A solar roadway is a decentralized power grid, which can become the backbone of the new smart grid, says Scott Brusaw in a video on Solarroadways.com . Brusaw, an electrical engineer based in Sandpoint, Idaho, and his wife Julie have invented a prototype to test solar roadways in everyday use The modular paving system is made of thick glass panels housing solar cells, microprocessors, heating elements, LED lighting and fiberoptics. Dont confuse it with window pane glassthe panels have been tested to handle 250,000 pounds and conceptually based on the indestructibility of black boxes that are recovered from airplane accidents. Not only can business or residences that use solar roadways sell energy back to the grid in a smart grid society, but the heating elements within the panels can melt snow. Yes, no snow shoveling or plowing. And the LED lights can be programmed for traffic lines, construction detours, warning sensors--any type of road indicator, so if a pedestrian was crossing a crosswalk, it could light up; if there an accident up ahead, the road could tell you; if you had to refigure a parking lot for a big event, you could reprogram the lines. And they could provide light at night. In the first phase of testing, Brusaw found that low beam headlights aimed at the solar roadway at night could generate energy in the solar cells.
La version original del articulo http://www.chicagotribune.com/classified/automotive/chi-solar-roadways-light-up-the-future-20140530,0,6982217.story

Public believes solar panels will drain the sun's energy - NaturalNews.com

All the fake science we're being told right now We've all been told, for example, that mercury in vaccines is actually "good for children" and may increase their academic scores! For decades, we were all told that cigarettes were really healthy and that doctors smoked them, too! We've been told that flu shots are really, really important for your health even though they only cover last year's flu strains. (Technically, flu shots only work if you are a time traveler headed into the recent past.) We've been told that pesticides are safe to eat, DDT is safe to inhale and Agent Orange is harmless. These all fall into the same category of quack science idiocy as claiming solar panels will "drain the sun of energy." Never believe corporate science In truth, much of the "corporate science" we are all told these days is really just quack science repackaged to sound authoritative. The corporations have figured out that a population suffering from astonishing deficiencies in basic science education is incredibly easy to hoodwink on issues like GMOs, vaccines, fluoride in the water, antidepressant drugs, global warming and anything else under the sun. Most of the advertising and propaganda on all this is designed to appeal to a citizen who quite literally believes the moon is made of cheese or that spaceships sound like fighter jets as they scream around in outer space. (Almost every space movie ever made is an absolute insult to the laws of physics.) In truth, clear thinking about science is extremely rare in society today... even among lawmakers, journalists and many members of the medical profession, believe it or not.
La version original del articulo http://www.naturalnews.com/045386_solar_panels_suns_energy_science_education.html

U.S. Residential Solar Just Beat Commercial Installations For The First Time | ThinkProgress

rooftop solar They turned their attention to roads,and began to wonder whether it would be possible to replace asphalt and concrete roads with modular energy-generating panels that couldtake a beating. As their ideas evolved,they began to realize that they had hit upon something not only really worthwhile but maybe even feasible. So feasible, in fact,Americas Federal Highway Administration awarded the group a substantial grant to build a prototype that would generate energy and provide light at night with energy-effiient LEDs, manage storm water runoff, and even prevent snow accumulation during winter months in northern latitudes. Related: collecting energy from roadways with Innowattech Phase I of the Solar Roadways project was so successful, the highway administration awarded the group a second round of funding to the tune of$750,000. Andthen Solar Roadways launched a crowd funding campaign that was so successful, theres a very strong possibility that one day at least some of us will be driving on roads that generate energy. Seeking one million dollars to hire engineers and other staff to perfect the design and shift from prototype to production, Solar Roadways instead has raised nearly $1.7 million nearly double their original goal. This success speaks volumes about the power of the crowd, but it also reflects a growing trend people are investing in renewablesbecause they believe that afuture with cleaner skies is possible. In addition to generating energy such that the hexagonal panels would eventually pay for themselves, the solartiles could be used to build parking lots, bike pathways and sidewalks. And they could betweaked to charge electric vehicles. If this happens, fossil-fueled vehicles would no longer be necessary, since electric vehicle could be charged all across the country wherever the roads are installed. Its hard not to lament the delay in pursuing such forward thinking ideas as this, a delay caused in large part by the fossil fuel industry.
La version original del articulo http://www.greenprophet.com/2014/05/solar-roadways-energy-generating-roads-that-light-up-at-night/

The request was denied and my husband appealed that decision. I was notified one week after he died from ALS that the request had been granted. There are more problems inside the VA besides obtaining an appointment MARSHA B. TRIPP, GEORGETOWN Automatic firearms must be controlled Re: May 25 article, 6 slain, suspect killed in rampage. Another chapter University of California, Santa Barbara. This incident involved a semiautomatic pistol used to kill six people and wound seven others. Our country has a history of shooting incidents resulting in multitudes of victims being killed and wounded by the use of automatic and semiautomatic firearms. Firearms of this type should be owned/utilized only by those not in the military or law enforcement. More effective gun control laws and regulations would not violate the U. S. Constitution gun ownership would still be allowed, but not the automatic and semiautomatic type.
La version original del articulo http://www.statesman.com/news/news/opinion/letters-to-the-editor-june-1-2014/nf9w5/

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